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Health Focus of Southwest Virginia is a foundation, established in 1964, that has awarded $3.9 million in health career scholarships to southwest Virginia residents throughout our 55-year history.

Our scholarship recipients are caring, commendable college students, who need our financial support the most.

We advocate good health by providing:

  • Health Career Scholarships

  • Medical Education Programs

  • A Medical Artifact Repository

Impact during the 2018-2019 academic year:

  • 77 students received health career scholarships

  •  $214,879 was awarded from 22 endowed funds

  •  Over 20 types of healthcare degrees were pursued

  • 18 colleges and universities in central and southwest Virginia received scholarship funding from Health and Focus of Southwest Virginia 

  • 50 individuals received CPR certification training 

  • 80 physician, resident, and medical personnel participated in Continuing Medical Education program

The Roanoke Valley Speech & Hearing Center, founded in 1959 by the Cosmopolitan Club of Roanoke, was initially established as a speech clinic that would make services available to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. Soon thereafter, hearing services were added.

Benefits of speech and hearing health:

  • Provides the ability to communicate effectively

  • Helps people to stay connected and decreases the feeling of isolation

  • Promotes self-esteem in social situations

During the 2018-2019 academic year:

  • At 3 local childcare centers, we provided the following services on-site:

  • 236 children received screening

  • 52 children received full speech evaluation

  • 31 children received weekly speech therapy, totaling 653 sessions

  • 53 clients received one refurbished hearing aid through our partnership with the Lions Club

  • 14 children received hearing aids, supplies, and speech services via the United Healthcare Children’s Foundation.

  • 38 children received financial support for speech therapy here at the Center